Book Cover Reveal: The Memory by Lucy Dawson


I am a huge fan of thriller books published by @bookouture. The cover reveal for Lucy Dawson’s new book, The Memory, came out today. @lucydawsonbooks

I absolutely love it, it’s simple yet chilling! The book will be out on December 6th. The paperback and digital copy is available for pre-order!

What do you think about the cover?

Book Summary: She’ll never forget… I’ll never forgive.

People always notice my daughter, Isobel. How could they not? Extraordinarily beautiful… until she speaks.

An unsettling, little-girl voice, exactly like a child’s, but from the mouth of a full-grown woman.

Izzie might look grown-up, but inside she’s trapped. Caught in the day it happened… the day that broke her from within. Our family fell apart that day, and we never could pick up the pieces.


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