I Got My Eye On You: The Drowning by J.P. Smith

The Drowning by J.P. Smith, is officially on my radar. Who is taking the boys every year? Where is Joey? What kind of asshole counselor leaves a child in the middle of a lake on a raft? I need answers pronto! Unfortunately, I have to wait until January 2019.

Who else needs this book like yesterday?

Book Summary:

Every seven years, a boy disappears from Camp Waukeelo.

Who will be next?

It doesn’t take long for a little boy to disappear. Joey Proctor can’t swim, but that doesn’t stop camp counselor Alex Mason from leaving him out on a raft in the middle of the lake in a fit of rage. Alex only meant to scare the kid, teach him a lesson. He didn’t mean to forget about him. But now Joey is gone… and his body is never found.

More than twenty years later, Alex is a success. The proof is there for anyone to see, in the millions of dollars he makes, his lavish house, his beautiful wife and daughters. And no one knows what happened that summer at camp. At least, no one should know. But it looks like Joey Proctor may be back to take his revenge…

Release Date: January 8, 2019
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Photo and Summary taken from Amazon


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